Beautiful Earrings

AMY KEKST has been creating in the arts for over 30 years. Her jewelry invokes a love of beautiful materials, an eye for detail and a luxe ideal with a contemporary twist. Now, with the addition of her twin sister, AUDREY, the range of their creative artistry has blossomed into a formidable design force.

Their combined talents fashion jewelry, expressing personal ideals of beauty in a panache of sparkling gems. These unique stones are gathered from around the globe: Citrine from India, Hawaiian Gold, Bali silver, Pearls from the Orient, Amethyst, Tourmaline, Moonstone, Sapphires, and more…., sought after worldwide. Graceful semi-precious gems coupled with individual designs in 18-24K gold and timeless silver, make their jewelry - art worth wearing.

When new ideas strike, Amy and Audrey work until the wee hours of the night. “They are still on the same wavelength, as only twins are…”, say family and friends. They often finish each other sentences, midway through thoughts, laughing and working together. …”I hope people can feel their jewelry is made with a special kind of joy and love. We are thrilled when each piece finds a new, loving home!”…

AMY and AUDREY custom create designs for the discerning client who returns each season for jewelry that is in concert with the colors of the day. From cluster earrings to exhilarating necklaces and bracelets, fashioned as sets or individual pieces of jewelry…. these pieces are for work, for play, or can be savored for special occasions.

AMY and AUDREY initiate forward, unique trends in contemporary and classic artforms, set apart from the ordinary. Their jewelry calls for a strong, confident woman who both leads her own style vision and celebrates her individual femininity. This is – ART WORTH WEARING.